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What Was the Most Awesome Recovery Meeting You’ve Been To?

One side-benefit of writing this blog is meeting new people. Guinevere Gets Sober is read by a hell of a lot more people than I expected, and it reaches more places than I ever imagined—in the past 30 days we had people from more than 100 countries, people from every continent, people from every European and South American country and most of the Asian nations, people from Australia and New Zealand and people from every state in the U.S. except for North Dakota (are there addicts in North Dakota? are they on the Internet?).

Some of these people write in. And some of those who write become pen-pals. “The message” has a way of using all kinds of technology to make its way where it needs to be.

Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain, elev. 3,044 ft., where the twice-weekly outdoor meeting is held.

I heard from one guy this morning that he took a trip to the West Coast last weekend to visit his sponsor. He said he went to a meeting on top of a mountain. “It takes two hours to climb,” he said.

You’re sweaty when you get there but must change clothes fast to avoid freezing, then about 40 people huddle together twice a week for a really great meeting. It should be on the list of the best open meetings in America, if such a list exists.

I read this (anonymously, because I keep all these people anonymous) to a friend of mine this morning. She’s spending a lot of time this week up the block from me, taking care of three cats for another recovering friend of ours who’s out of town. So I visit while my friend is there and let the cats run all over me. (My body becomes instantly relaxed when there’s a cat purring against my neck.)

“Wow,” she said. “A meeting on top of a mountain.”

Does such a list exist? Been wondering all morning.

If you’re reading this and you’ve had a blow-your-mind meeting experience, why don’t you let us all know about it? 

Been listening to this song a lot lately. Makes me smile… Interesting that George Harrison (my kid’s favorite Beatle) wrote only maybe two songs for the Beatles, and both of them were enormous hits.


  1. They should have a catagory called Xtreme Recovery!

  2. Fantastic, now you’ve given me a life goal, to find the most fantastic meeting location!!

  3. I recently went to a meeting in Split in Croatia. It was held in a little cell like room built into the wall of Diocletian’s palace.

    This place was built in the 4th century. It was oldest place I have been to a meeting. It was a really good meeting with 3 fellow trudgers who made me feel really welcome.

  4. what a treat that you chose to write about the mountain experience. Fyi, the seattle-area meeting is called OSAT (one step at a time) and it is held year-round atop tiger mountain on 10 am sunday. a thursday night meeting at seven runs during the daylight-savings half of the year.

  5. guinevere

    August 17, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Richie, this makes my throat choke up. I’d love to go to Split. Which is much further south than where my dad’s family are from (they came from outside Zagreb; from a village named after our family, actually, outside Karlovac—the specialty pub near us carries Karlovacka beer, which my dad fancied, and he brought back a Karlovacka beer glass when he traveled to Croatia in 2000. I think my brother has it). Gosh. A meeting in Diocletian’s palace. Interesting that a Roman emperor built his own little retirement enclave in Croatia.

    Can’t wait to go. Next summer, hopefully.

    Kevin, I’d put up a picture of Mt. Ranier, but I changed it to Tiger Mountain… thanks for the story, mate. /g

  6. The biggest problem with visiting Croatia is that it has so many beautiful places to choose from. Nowhere is that far. We travelled the country from top to bottom and also went to some neighbouring countries in our fortnight. I think I liked Zadar best. It has a sea organ which is very godish to listen to. My kids loved Dubrovnik. Very beautiful town. My wife loved Split. She found the ratio of coffee bars to clothes shops to her liking. I dont know why I remember the beer brand at all the restaurants is Karlovacka but I do. Maybe something to do with my drug of choice.
    I still have a tan from our family trip there in July. I struggled with the language but would go again if I got half a chance. Hvala for your blogging.

  7. I haven’t been to any exotic meetings. But all recovery meetings are pretty awesome–whether they are held on a mountain top or in a moldy church basement. There is still a sense of awe that I get to be among those who have had similar experiences and we are getting spiritually and emotionally well. You can’t beat that!

  8. I am going to a meeting at 7 AM tomorrow morning in Jupiter, FL
    The meeting is held on the porch of the Jupiter Light House museum. You can see the lighthouse from the porch as well as the inlet leading out to the oceans. Most mornings the waters are aqua blue, boats passing by, birds flying.. it’s a great way to start a sober day!

  9. Since I live on the west coast, I’d love to know where this ‘mountain meeting’ is. Is it open?

  10. guinevere

    August 22, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    @Peggy… see Kevin’s comment above, fourth one down. He was the one who went to the meeting… and he says it is open.

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