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Eminem’s new album: “Recovery”

Heard yesterday Eminem is coming out with a new album later this month. Originally called “Relapse 2,” he renamed it “Recovery.”

Below is Eminem singing his first single from the album, called “Not Afraid”…

Dudes, I’m a middle-aged mom and don’t know much about rap music. But I saw this video on Em’s blog and I like (most of) the lyrics… and am happy to see another person staying sober… whether he’s famous or not…


  1. Yay! I’m so happy you came by and liked the video 🙂 I’m not a huge rap fan either but I think its pretty awesome that he’s not afraid to tell people about his life changes. thanks for adding me to your blogroll and you’re definitely on mine <3

  2. I hope he makes it. I’ve followed Eminem, casually, for some time (not actually listened to his music much, though – that would be above and beyond the call of duty, even for the sake of research). He was a very troubled man, but I’ve noticed a lot of positive changes in his behavior, and even his music.

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