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Gabor Maté Love-Fest

On the run today, but in response to Invisigal’s comment on my review of the brilliant book In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, I felt moved to initiate a love-fest for this guy. I’m not sure my review betrayed the kind of affection I’ve developed for his thinking. (Although I think I’ve hinted at that in previous posts) He demonstrates humility and unbelievable compassion and desire to heal when he speaks.

On the physiological origins of painkiller addiction:

Opiates: we use them as painkillers. They not only kill physical pain, they also kill emotional pain. It turns out that if you look at the brain-scans of human beings when they’re feeling emotional pain, the same part of the brain lights up as when they’re feeling physical pain. So whether I call you a really terrible name that hurts you or whether I cut you with a knife, the same part of the brain registers it. … So the first question when dealing with addiction is always not “Why the addiction?” but “Why the pain?”

Listen, and like Invisigal, let your life be changed.

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  1. I’ll join the love fest. One of the most compassionate, patient, and caring human beings I’ve ever read or heard. He deals with people society has given up on, and he LISTENS to them.

    A must read for anyone affected by the addiction of a loved one (and who isn’t at one time or another!).

  2. I love him and that book is incredible. He is a treasure in the addiction field. An emotional hero in my eyes. So, I’m in on the love fest.

  3. I’m with you here — learned so much from his work.

  4. Gabor changed my life the first time I met him in Sun Valley Idaho at a prevention conference. Since then I have read all his books, talked and promoted “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts to collegues and professionals and recovering addicts all across Oregon and Idaho. Finally, someone who really understands and can speak about it in a way no other has………..Your healing conferences and seminars are just what this world needs. Thank you Gabor

  5. I will join the love fest. He has a wonderful way about him. I just finished his book Scattered and fell in love all over again. So inspired. He was just visiting me in Charlottesville, VA. I had read Hungry Ghosts first after seeing him in Canada. I have read everything now. I can’t say enough about this man except I can’t wait to see him again. I am hoping he will return to Virginia and do a workshop on addictions. I have a place picked out and a strategy for marketing all ready.

  6. Love is just the tip of the iceberg (cliché but it suits). When I saw Gabor speak I felt like I was in the presense of greatness. Almost as if I met Jesus himself.

  7. I work with the addicted population and Gabor Mate has greatly influenced me. In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts made me so much more compassionate toward my patients. It’s an amazing book.

  8. He is one of my three big inspirations along with Stanton Peele and William Miller.

  9. I love this man and what he stands for..a real champion in addiction, human development and compassion! I fell in love with him several years ago and I am still in love..You are amazing Gabor!

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