Journalism is suffering in this country, and good journalists are no longer being given the resources to do their job—which is to dig into information, come up with life-changing stories, and ask questions that make people in power feel antsy. But there’s a journalist in Ohio who’s managing to do his job despite the cutbacks and layoffs—he’s been writing a continuing series about prescription drug addiction that’s apparently making waves among those who decide budgets and policy.

A must-see: the  hour-long video-chat he organized with a county drug-and-alcohol board exec and Dr. Richard Whitney, a rehab addiction-services director. Whitney is an exceedingly well informed doctor whose compassion for addicts and their families and deep understanding of addiction rivaled my own detox doc’s. He says:

We will wear a little red dress on our lapel to raise money for heart disease, or we’ll wear a pink ribbon or go out for a 5K or a 10K run to raise money to fight breast cancer. When’s the last time we had a 10K run or a little symbol to raise money for treatment for people with drug and alcohol dependence? It has this tremendous negative stigma in our society.

The world needs more of these physicians—and more of these writers.

Coming soon: an interview with Russ Zimmer, the writer behind the series.