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Garden Buddha And Gratitude List.

This is my mother-in-law’s garden Buddha.

He sits next to a pond where a reticent frog hides; and underneath an old eucalyptus tree.

You can see that, in his hands, moss is growing. “A rolling stone” and all that… This stone Buddha is not rolling. He’s sitting. A good example.

The sky in Yorkshire this morning was uncharacteristically cloudless. By 10 a.m. the temperature had climbed easily into the mid-70s Fahrenheit. I sat and wondered at how hot the Yorkshire sun could feel on my cheeks.

I sat still, and had quiet time…

and gave thanks for many things.

For my mother-in-law, who recognizes and creates beauty.

For my strong legs and back, which allowed me to climb a ladder and clean muck out of her downspout…

For the resources to be with this family during a difficult time.

For intuition that let me help my son articulate scary feelings.

For sunshine in Yorkshire.

For good friends keeping in touch over a long distance…

For meetings on travels in other countries.

For strangers at English meetings willing to give me their numbers.

For peace of mind and clarity of conscience.


  1. thanks, i find that doing a gratitude list really helps when i begin to feel low. this helps to re-affirm just how much peace love and understanding i have in recovery. right now top of my gratitude list is the fact that i am an addict, because this has shown me the worst things in life which enables me to appreciate all the beauty of the world around me now my eyes are open. i am also grateful to you for all the time and effort you put in to runnimg these pages. Thank-you…x

  2. The garden really looks nice. And the gratitude list is awesome. Yorkshire is wonderful country.

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