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How To Detox From OxyContin And Other Opiates


OxyContin tabs in a candy-colored rainbow.

Dunno why, but I seem to have paid short shrift to sharing detox experience on this blog. Which is weird, because I’ve got so many stories about opiate detox and recovery.

Received an inquiry recently about how to detox.

What do you know about getting off of OxyContin?—the length of time it takes, how safe it is, and what could the consequences be of going off too quickly. Do you have any idea?

Yes, I have some idea. Thanks so much for asking.

First I must say that none of this is medical advice or a substitute for it. If you want medical advice, please consult a doctor.

From one addict to another. About the length of time it takes to get off OxyContin—this depends on a few factors:

  • The level of Oxy you’re taking. (It could be any other drug. Not to put too fine a point on it: with the exception of methadone, Suboxone and tramadol, an opiate is an opiate. Heroin is Oxy is morphine is Vicodin is dilaudid. Even fentanyl is pretty similar, though it’s fat-soluble. They’re all short-acting full-agonists—though their dosage equivalencies differ.) If you’re taking maybe up to 120mg of oxycodone, chances are you could taper just using Oxy, following some rules for tapering that are few but non-negotiable. If you’re on a level that’s a lot higher than that, you might need some help. However, only you can tell, right? You know your own limits. I’ve known people who have detoxed cold-turkey off 600-800mg Oxy.
  • The reasons you started taking pharma-grade painkillers in the first place. If you have pain, you’ll need to work on figuring out other ways of managing it. Many non-opiate treatments exist that may help, depending on the circumstances. It may take time, consultation with professionals, patience, and a process of trial and error.
  • Whether you’re taking the drug “as prescribed” (i.e., swallowing it whole), or “not as prescribed” (i.e., chewing/snorting/shooting). OxyContin is also a bit difficult to taper from because you can’t split them. So another factor is the strength of dose you have available to you. One of the cardinal rules of a taper is: swallow whole, on schedule. If you can’t take your proper dose of Oxy on time and swallow it whole (I mean what addict can?), then you may need the help of a reliable detox doctor. (Operative word here: reliable. How I chose my doctor: I called the most reputable rehab in town and asked if I could please pay them to run my outpatient detox. When they said No, I asked for the name of someone else who might do it. Then I called my primary care physician and asked for her top referral. When they turned out to be one and the same person, I knew I had my guy.)

Let me also mention that the person who asked today’s question apparently got the idea from this blog that Suboxone treatment was Not Good. I’d like to correct this impression: Suboxone can be a very effective tool if it’s used properly. I myself got off an enormous level of opioids using Suboxone and Subutex. The danger comes when vulnerable, fearful detoxing addicts are encouraged to stay on enormous doses indefinitely rather than to use it as they often want to use it—as a tool to claim their right to lower their chemical load.

Using Suboxone or another drug as a detox tool doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be “substituting one drug for another.” I mean, in a sense we are, but only for a short period, and under a doctor’s guidance. This can mean all the difference between addiction and recovery. … When I was detoxing with Suboxone, I did not write the taper schedule, my doctor did. I had to visit him every week, and later every other week; I paid him $80 a crack, aside from what I paid the pharmacy for the weekly prescriptions, and it was worth every penny to get free. I keep the receipts for my detox doctor’s visits in the drawer of my nightstand. The equivalent of my parents burning their mortgage (which they did, literally).

The reason I chose to taper off drugs using Suboxone is that I was on such an enormous level—more than 100mcg/hr of fentanyl. I was prescribed one patch every two days, and because I did not always take them as prescribed, I used a bit more than that. Fentanyl is a crazy-strong drug, it’s what they give you when you go in for surgery, and this level is roughly equivalent to 400-600mg morphine or oxycodone per day. Somehow my lizard-brain knew it was going to be impossible for me to taper off that level of fentanyl, or get enough of another drug to equal that level so that I could taper. And anyhow, I’d never been able to taper off a full-agonist—a drug that plugs into the receptors and stimulates them fully, like heroin, oxycodone or morphine.

Read Dr. Scanlan’s interview about Suboxone: it has a long half-life, which means it doesn’t create as much of a buzz as the short-acting drugs like oxycodone. As long as you keep tapering, and you have a doctor willing to help you keep the taper short, you can get free with Suboxone.

How safe is detox?—Opiate detox is not life-threatening. In contrast to alcohol withdrawal and detox from benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, etc.), both of which can cause life-threatening seizures if done too quickly, detox from short-acting opiates can be done safely at home. A “cold-turkey” detox happens in two phases:

  • Acute detox, which lasts 10-14 days or so (depending on level of use), in which the body excretes the drug and, in doing so, experiences signs of active withdrawal such as runny nose and eyes, sneezing, goosebumps, shivering, loose bowels, and restless legs and arms (kicking). All this means the body is healing.
  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), which lasts an indefinite period (depending on level of use and how well we take care of ourselves), in which the body’s opiate receptors heal and the body learns to produce endorphins again. Most people find exercise and good nutrition help a great deal, as does some kind of support plan.

I can hear some folks out there thinking, “I think I’m endorphin-deficient.” I love hearing people register this claim. I used to believe this about myself before I got on drugs like fentanyl. Then, after I got on drugs like fentanyl (and morphine, and OxyContin, and whatnot), I used to believe that I’d MADE my body permanently endorphin deficient, so I should just stay on the drugs forever. Addiction lizard-brain. … Today I lift weights and cycle 30 miles and play tennis. I do all this having been diagnosed with two painful neurological disorders. I’m not bragging here, I’m just saying: I’m NOT endorphin deficient. If I can get off this stuff, I think anyone can.

The consequences of going off “too quickly”?—There is no “too quickly,” imo. If one is addicted, the only dangers are not quickly enough, or not at all. However, if your level of use is high, and you have kids and a job and still want to function during detox (as I did), it might be worth it to slow the detox down. I’ve always compared detox to learning how to land a plane. Not that I’ve ever landed a plane. But I imagined being in the pilot’s seat, and taking direction from the tower (higher power/physician/recovery community, etc.), and telling the tower I needed either to make a quick-and-dirty landing or a long slow smooth landing.

You can do either one safely. The first takes a lot less time, but it might be a rougher ride. The second is much smoother, but there’s more time to worry about whether you’re gonna crash. Which is why it’s helpful to get support, not only from a doctor but also from a community of people who have been through similar stuff.

Detoxing was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was the start of a new life.

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  1. Hi Guinivere (It is so ironic because that’s the name my grandfather gave me for his version of a nickname – that brings happier thoughts from decades ago),

    My name is Jennifer and I have been a recovering alcoholic/drug addict for more than 17 years and also suffer from severe clinical depression and panic disorder. Please try not to label me a hypocrite when I tell you that I have gone the 12 steps of the AA program with my sponsor (I have only touched on the surface of the surface of how bad my problem really is with her) and get to a meeting almost every day of the week as well as doing service work in and outside of my home group but I just don’t ever want to pick another drink up again – it ripped my world apart.
    At current, I have been sober off alcohol for a year and a half after having relapsed for 6 years (I had 8 1/2 years sober prior to that). I believe that while addiction is a medical condition to be sure, at the core of my addictions is my unquenchable desire for spiritual fulfillment which I have spent my life trying to attain and never laying hold of – I somehow always have the feeling that I JUST missed my spiritual bus, if you know what I mean.
    If I am having a “good” day (have an adequate supply of Vicodin or Oxy’s), I am marginally functional and will participate in behaviors that are simply “normal” for most other folks but when I am struggling (no or too few pills), I am in agony in every respect. I can’t find my way out of bed, let alone answer the phone, log on to the computer, get dressed and certainly not muster up the ability to meditate, practice breathing or journal – on the days that I struggle, I honestly can’t even brush my teeth.
    I happened upon your webpage via Eckhart Tolle’s video and podcast website where I stumbled onto a link regarding Tolle’s teachings around addiction and saw a piece of a blog where you had commented. You and I both know how these “God Things” go but for some reason the past 24 hours have been really scary for me – I’ve just been feeling totally and completely alone. I don’t ordinarily fall into really nasty bouts of depression anymore but the last day has just felt like nails on a chalkboard in my soul – if that makes any sense whatsoever. I am just terrified- of everything right now. My heart hurts so bad and no amount of praying, crying or meditation seems to be battling the tida lwave of overall despair I have right now in spite of the fact that I am all set with my pills for at least a few days
    The one saving grace is that while I have a hard time having any faith that there is way away from the pills for me even though the struggle with alcohol is at bay, I do have an ultimate belief in a universal entity that embodies goodness and light.

    Thank You,
    Jennifer M.

  2. Thank you,Very nicely put.Ive been on this drug “oxy” for Pain also well over 6-7 years and i knew it was time to get off them didnt have a life and i do have pain so it hard to find things to do but ive seem to with people like your self and doing as the doctor said to do.I always did follow their instuctions so i never thought it would be like this NEVER did i…Just a very good/Bad drug if not used right….again thank you …..

  3. Please help!! I have been using pain killers purely recreational since I was about 14 years old. I am now 29. It was just a couple of times a year just to get a buzz. Never addicted (I guess), but always liked the feeling. About 4 years ago I started getting vicodin a little more often (about once every couple of months. About 2 years ago I used oxycontin and liked it because it would last for longer. Then I was introduced to oxycodone about a year ago. Started buying about 20 a month when the guy I knew would get his prescription. The last 8 months I have been using more and more averaging about 15 to 20 a week. Taking as many as 4 30 mg’s at a time. Usually only take 2 at a time and a couple of hours later take more until I am out. I HAVE To STOP!!! I am spending money my family doesn’t have and can tell a lot of changes in my personality and extreme memory loss. I have tried to quit cold turkey but I have a demanding job, a wife, a 5 year old daughter and a 4month old daughter and with a combination of cold sweats,shaking,diarrhea, ect. I can’t function or trust myself with my daughters by myself. I have been able to stop for 2 to 3 days but I always end up having to go back. I just want to feel normal!! I don’t care about getting high!! If my wife found out I am afraid that she would divorce me. Here lately she has noticed that I have been off. I am not your average drug user (or am I). I am very active in church, work 50-60 hrs a week and want nothing but to be the best husband and father that I can be. Sorry about the long post but I just wanted to let whoever can read this and answer know what my whole deal is. So here is my question (s). How can I quit successfully without having to tell my wife? Is there a way to consult my doctor or another doctor to get prescribed suboxin, or anything else that will work. I have actually used this before and it did great for the amount of time that I had it. I only had 3 strips but slipped up again about a week after being off them and can not find any since. Or what other ways are ther? I can not go to a rehab clinic. I know that I can do it and want to do it. I just need some good advise. Again, PLEASE HELP!!

  4. I was prescribed Oxycontin and Fentanyl patches some fifteen years ago. Recently I decided I wanted to get off it all as it is interfering in my Thyroid function. I went online and researched various natural products discussing them with my pharmacist and MD. I began taking food grade Bentonite clay a tablespoon a day in spring water a couple of weeks before stopping the Fentanyl. I had already quit taking the Oxycontin a couple of months before except for severe break through pain. I also used Celtic Sea salt both morning and night (a pinch and a half). I added Milk Thistle capsules following the directions on the bottle per my pharmacist. I have been drinking lots of spring water for years which helps to get rid of toxins and I added Lecithin to help to pull the residue out of any existing fat cells or the liver where it could be stored. I followed the dose on the bottle.

    While I have not felt great I have gotten buy with very little discomfort. A very few spells of feeling hot in various areas of my body. These lasted only minutes. In addition, I had a couple bouts of pain in my lower abdomen. This may or may not have been related. A bonus has been the almost complete ease of terrible pain in my hips when sleeping. I have also lost a lot of fluid and my clothes are loose on me and I can wear rings I have not worn in years. My pulse rate has become stronger so am hopeful to heal the thyroid and get rid of the overwhelming fatigue I have had this last year.

    Wishing you all the best in your journey. Check out Earth Clinic for great tips on healing yourself. As in all things do your research before trying others suggestions. It does get better!

  5. Tell your wife you need her support, I tried without telling faked the flu and relasped.Im in same boat with you if she loves you she has your back??Good luck I need some luck also..

  6. Corynna Mueller

    June 13, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    My friend is planning on spending a week with a friend that is going to detox at home. This person has been using drugs for the ten years that I have known her. She has been using oxy and a ton of other drugs. Her husband just died from trying to detox at home from this detox kit that they got from south America. Now she will be trying the same thing. She is poor so she can’t afford to go to a facility for help. I would prefer that she goes to the hospital Any advice?

  7. I have been struggling with pain killers for some time now… I ha spinal surgery and went on oxycodone but after some time it won’t from pain killer to mood stabilizer and now I can’t get off them. I have a family and not only is it becoming the center of my life but it’s also very costly. Help. Any suggestions??? How and where do I start?

  8. I have had 3 spinal fusions all done in New Zealand and the pain from that is incredible however I was prescribed Oxycontin and Oxynorm. The Oxynorm is fast acting pain relief and from memory I took about 2 x 20mg tablets every four hours for the first 3 months. As prescribed of course. I never do any recreational drugs. I stopped taking the Oxynorm a year ago and started taking Oxycontins once again as prescribed. Now I am on 1 x 20mg of Oxycontin daily at night so I can sleep because I still have a lot of discomfort in my back. The back is getting better this time so I’m really happy although I want to stop taking medication altogether. I have been able to stop for to or 3 days and handle the pain ok but now I’m getting horrible withdrawl symptoms like being really uncomfortable and fidgety. I can’t get to sleep as I toss and turn all night then spend all day fighting not to fall asleep at my technical job.

    I have read a lot of posts about getting off this drug but all the posts I’ve read are from people who abused it and used it to get high (way more pills than I have ever taken). At my low level of usage is it likely I can go through these withdrawls for a few days then come right? I don’t want to replace it with another drug if at all possible. I am finally able to work again and loving it but I just need to be rid of this drug once and for all. Any advise would be appreciated.

  9. i have been smoking fentanyl for about a year straight and can smoke a 100mcg patch within a couple hrs and still funtion… i am at the worst state in my life , trying to hold on to a job and pay for my addiction at the same time is like im taking 1 step forward and 5 steps back everyday.. i have tried detox with methadome and cold turkey.. but i think my best bet is to go to detox for a week and then go out west for a month to visit family .. i need to do this for myself and my family and if you have any additional advice id love to hear it. thank you

  10. So I have baan taking 8-10 5mg IR opana (oxymorphone) which is considered to be 10x more powerful per mg than OC. I am going to quit “cold turkey” again however this time for good. I know what to expect considering this will be the 5th time. I know what helps a lot for me is about 6-10 loperomide daily (anti diarrheal) which turn off the opiate receptors in the stomach. Also about an hour before bed take 1 5mg melatonin, in combo these two help the withdrawls enormously. The only things they don’t help is the tired limbs, irritability, and aches. It does wonders for cravings and sleep which are huge when getting off this substance. I could go on for days about it but I need to get to bed. Hope this helps you all out there. Oh don’t forget Advil or ibuprofen, and allergy pills, those help for the sneezing and coughs.

  11. this should help

    May 23, 2013 at 7:00 am

    Major accident in 1998 left me with 3 spine fractures, 2 fusions, and 2 to go. Had to work through it all though as self employed father of 2. For years I thought I was a an addict, even sought re-hab. Medical professionals all said I WASN’T. It still felt that way because if I didn’t take may daily does of 4-8 Norco’s or equivalent, pain was too bad. Even had morphine pump installed for paid.

    It took 10 years for my injuries to “heal” to a point of tolerable pain. Dr’s said nerve damage takes a long time. I just noticed I was not hurting so bad and found a product you can buy that made dropping off opiods tolerable, and I mean go to work and not miss a beat tolerable.

    Before I say what it is, let me say I have ZERO financial interest in this product or company. I had first discovered it on a blog like this. The reason I;m even on here is because a year ago I exasperate my neck injury to the point where a 2 level fusion was indicated … that would be #3. I fought through in, and with the help of a pain Dr. and injections of Toredol, I am finally better. Much better. I can see I won’t be having a 2 level ACF now.

    I’ve had to go back on opiods off and on during the last 4 years because I either aggraved my injuries and just had a pain flair up. Each time I was able to easily stop.

    I have to tell you. As a chronic pain sufferer, some times the only thing that will help is opiod medications. I just don’t get “addicted” any more. My feeling of addiction came years ago because every time I tried to quit taking meds, I’d get bad detox symptoms, and go back to taking meds. With the help of withdrawl-ease I can stop at will. Fact is I can stop at will without it now as I have the confidence that stopping is not so hard after all. However, Withdrawl-Ease gave me that confidence.

    It’s not cheap; $70-$80 a bottle depending upon how you buy it, but I assure you it’s worth every penny. It’s 100% natural. Even if getting permanently off opiods in not in your future because of real injury, and i know that is the case for many peopl, use Withdrawl-Ease to take breaks. That will keep your prescribed dosage working well, and help your mindset about addiction as well.

    Now if you are snorting/shooting/or over taking opiods (no judgement, I went through periods of abuse just ot get more relief or to feel better when things were bad) , this stuff will help as well.

    I also find walking, drinking lots of water, milk thistle, Vitamine B and C, Immonium, and naps every 2 hours to be very helpful.

    Good luck you guys.

  12. Thank you. Going through this all — have major pain/medical issues and have to get off because I moved. New doctors, new rules. No money so just dropping it morphine at a large level per day and seeing where the chips land. Your idea for loperomide is most graciously received. Any ideas on what to hold down food/liquid wise?

  13. Thank you. Going through this all, and no one to talk to — have major pain/medical issues and have to get off because I moved. New doctors, new rules. No money so just dropping it — morphine — at a fairly large level per day I suppose, and seeing where the chips land. No money for a gracious bow out of this in a hospital or out patient that handles it. Filing for disability but don’t have it yet. Been very ill for 6 days now. Saw the idea for loperomide below; it is most graciously received. Any ideas on what to hold down food/liquid wise?

  14. For some people gabapentin (Neurontin) works to help with restless legs and the other involuntary muscle movements, including nausea. For others, anti-nausea medications like metoclopramide (commonly prescribed for migraine) and phenergan. You might speak with your doctor about these. None of them is very expensive.

  15. I was on the same and quit cold turkey. I was in bed vomiting and jittery extreamly sick for about 8 days. I just thought I had a really bad flu. It didn’t occur to me it was withdrawals. I only realized I had a problem until I had to start taking them again for pain and am now trying to get off them and am suffering the same problems again. I am trying to cut my doses in half and then keep doing that instead of cold turkey. The biggest problem I am experiencing is anxiety and the jumps I call it. It totally sucks but I am determined to get off the damn things no matter what it takes. Good luck to you. I hope you can persevere.

  16. Guinevere, I am inspired by your story. I have been on OxyContin 80 mg for 14 yrs now due to a brain disease called pseudo tumor cerebri. It is NOT a tumor as it sounds, but very high fluid in the brain…my pressure is 4 times higher than the normal should be. I have had a few surgeries where I had a shunt placed in my brain, but it became infected which gave me meningitis. They had to remove it, and it suffered every possible complication in the book! I refused it get it put back on after I almost died. I have 3 kids, and just wouldn’t take that chance. Needless to say, the headaches are horrible everyday. Pain management docs could only come up with OxyContin after a while to help with the pain. I hated to go on it, but it helped me function and go to work and be a semi- normal person. Now, I honestly can’t say it’s doing anything for my pain, and I’ve been on this dose forever. I refuse to raise it any higher. I just want off of it!! I am 56 years old and don’t want to turn around and be 75 one day, and still be on oxy!! Not to mention, my husband will retire one day and we won’t have insurance to pay for it! I NEED to get off of it NOW!! I want to try to use Suboxone and do it under a controlled detox way. Not suddenly have it taken away and be sick as a dog!! Do you know if insurance will pay for a Suboxone doctor??

  17. Different insurance plans pay for different services. You’d have to call your insurer and inquire. I’m sorry to hear about your health troubles—one single serious health problem can financially and emotionally drain a family. Are you sure it’s not controlling your pain? I found it difficult to gauge how much pain control I was actually getting while I was still on the painkillers. I hope you find a solution—please let us know.

  18. not enough Dr. like him. I really believe the greed aspect comes into play and Dr’s use Subs as a income stream. How many Dr.’s get busted prescribing Narco’s? This is a Godsend. “I can make just as much and look like a hero” Subs should be used short term. The desire to use again will be there, If someone really was sick of the drug life, really sick of it and went on a short Sub detox they would have the willpower to beat the cravings. Subs don’t rewire you into not wanting to use again, there is no drug. It’s all up to the person, do they want to stop or not. Subs can make it easier.

  19. question I am on oxi for continual pain, I had to increase my dose and amount of times a day I have take it after a new surgery Now I’m trying to come back to regular level I’m feeling complete withdrawal symptoms. How long till these symptoms of withdrawal end because I still need to take my original dose for My neuropathy. Will my symptoms end without completely stopping!i

  20. get 2 8mg suboxone strips and do a 7-14 day taper, that is the easiest way to detox. But, you need to also have a plan for the mental aspect, it is just as important and difficult. Have a plan to deal with cravings, a daily schedule, start to exercise or at least daily walks, drop all drug using friends – a must, work on a good diet and then start to work slowly on anything that has been neglected because of your abuse

  21. I am going into a detox unit to get this OxyContin monkey off my back. The doctor kept feeding me both oxycodone and contin after back surgery and I found myself addicted. Your site has really helped. I don’t feel so alone. I start detoxing in 48 hours. I tried to quit on my own and have never been so sick. I know now that I ca do this.


  22. I have been tapering off oxycotin and oxycodone for four weeks. I feel so week and tired I can barely move. Will be off totally in one week, will I feel better by then ?

  23. guinevere

    November 26, 2014 at 12:20 am

    M… it will take your body some time completely off opioids before it feels better. The best thing you can do for your body right now is to begin gradually ramping up an aerobic exercise program and feed your body good food. To learn more about the science and what you can expect, check out my book, The Recovering Body.

  24. My dear I am 55 years old and was taking 3200 mg of oxycontin for 5 years all prescribe by 1 doctor let me tell you that their is no way you can stop cold turkey when u take this amounts of oxy’s now it not better they got me on so much fentanyl and this time oxyneo and the pain is still there and i refuse to take more because it makes me sick,I dont know what to do any more,their is no light at the end of the tunnel.


  25. Yes its 3200 mg of oxycontin per day approved by WSIB and their doctors in toronto I am so sick and in pain now from a bad accident that happened in 1980 been in pain since the operation that year.I am telling you all get off the drugs and I know what I am talking about,don’t ruin your life and those doctors tell them where to go if they keep pushing these drugs on you..


  26. Im detoxing off 25 mg of methadone and doing patched almost daily…. im on day 4 of no methadone and I feel like im dying, it’s 100 times worse at night then it is during the day, not being able to sleep is KILLING me I don’t know how much more of this I can take its so fucking hard!!!

  27. Hi I’m 24 yrs old an been on opiates for about 2yrs an I also have three beautiful kids….I’ve tryed the cold turkey but I can’t do it with having children around everything u guys talk about withdrawal I’ve been threw that to I just need help getting off an staying off …do y’all think getting my stomach pumped will help…or wat can I take to help just pls tell me sumthing

  28. I have been on pain meds for over seven years. Started out with Vicodin then doc pushed oxycontin 10mg two a day then three a day then when my body adapted upped to 20mg worked up to 80 mg three a day plus 15 mg oxycodone four pills a dosage four times a day 720 pills a month. Then doc took another job and nobody would touch me but one doctor who said if you want my help we need to start weening you off this dosage of opiodes. So of course my heat started beating a million mile an hour. But what do u do when the doc makes the call. Been working with him over a year and I down to four pills of oxycodone a day but still at three oxycontins 60 mg a day. I recently took extrA here and there and now paying for my med abuse. Had to quit cold turkey I’ve been withdrawing for going on three days now and it’s a nightmare. I’ve been through this before but way lower dose than what I’m on. I think I’m through the worst with the restless legs and arms and sleep. I still get chills down my spine and really loose bowels but I feel myself coming around. I still am not functioning but feeling better. With the full support of my wife I can do it. It is January and my wife and I are having a child come May and I need to get off these damn meds. Wish me luck. Oh yea with the help of bud it has made it less agonizing withdraw and a mix of malitonin for sleep. I have arthritis in both of my knees and I’m only 35. So I do need the meds but not at the expense of my family. The meds actually do more harm than good. All they do is take your mind off the pain from the high you get from these fucking pain meds. Tired of the anxiety every month am I going to run out. Sleeping my life away with these fucking meds. I can’t go anywhere without checking my pockets to make sure I have my meds sound familiar? I wish good luck to everybody who is going through the same situation it will pay off at the end. Light at the end of the tunnel. Much love.

  29. Been doing roxys for about 14 months now about 8-10 30 mgs a day I am one day two and feeling like shit but I have to do this I heard kolonipin will help with the jumping and anxiety I am trying this cold turkey what should I do please give feedback

  30. Please help me.1Dr.put me on 80mg oxytocin,10/325..oxycodone, 2 mg xnax all 4xs a day for over 9yrs.I have severe arthritis,BILATERAL knee replacement’s depression.he just up and disappeared..I’m having a hard time now trying to kick all of these,I never took street drug’s or drink I’m 58..I want to try other ways to help my pain..BUT now NO doctor will touch me I’m trying cutting down with what i had left.he was in his office in December 2014.gave me ALL the meds.January i have been to the hospital they give me 5day’s 3x..I need help NO doctor is willing to help me I NEVER thought i would be in this condition..he told me to take all the meds on I’m living in hell..please tell me where i can go or what to do.i want off I’m suffering trying to cut down..HE IS NO PLACE IN MY CITY.BROOKLYN NEW YORK..

  31. I was put on 80mg oxytocin-10/325oxycodone- 2mg xnax.for over 9 yrs by 1doctor because of 2knee replacement’s severe arthritis,depression ALL 4xs a day IN DECEMBER 2014 his office was there a pvt

  32. Please help me this dr put me on 80mg oxycodone-10/325.oxcycodone 2 mg xnax 4xs a day for 9yrs because of 2knee replacement and arthritis,depression he just disappeAred IN January after .i am trying to kick these meds.I’m suffering.No doctor want to touch ME.or help me..I’m suffering so bad l live IN Brooklyn new York..i want to get off ALL of these meds.i was taking them as he told me.every 4hrs..he is a pvt doctor NO place or phone number to be reached.I have never drank or done street drug’s

  33. NEUROPATHY TAKE B VITAMINSi have nerve damage ,L leg, neuropathy (b vitamins are helping) 2400mg neurontin day bone sticks out bottom of foot arch collapsed ,dr did not put in hard cast ,but messed up and used boot. bone throbs in leg. ruptured &herniated discs ,stenosis,facet joint dx, with a scoliosis,epideral lipomatosis??my pcm had me on 180 mg morhine and 15mg oxycodone .i took self off 15mg a day of ox cod prior and 30mg morphine this yr . then down to 30 mg morphine helps me stand a little get bath , then nothing i had stopped epidurals for 10 foot surgeries in other foot mrsa 7 mos vancymycin pic line , radiation 10 yrs ago. ok now. but i am in massive unbelievable pain.i am straight , no dr hop. always took as Rx or under,same med facility. my dad and son died ,6 wks later , off opiates , no pain shots yet. no one will see me,i am treated like a street druggie and judged horribly,my sugars up to 480 bp up 180/110 w/ meds and higher , now going down i am off rice and crackers but can barely take care of myself , no insulin usually , i cant take being treated this way & sick ,pain like labor io refused oxycontin 2 yrs ago. glad. now what is best plan 5 mos later i do not trust drs anymore what will help me .i pour rub alcohol /menthol every day .pepper,creams anything get mind off .take benadryl oc night sleep pills to avoid back pain ,leg, feet .i have not broken any laws,and i am treated bad. i do not want opiates anyway, never used any drugs or alcohol .am 61, what holistically speaking will help, i have always had good attitude , my spine moves please tell me i will start immodium i have tons, i have to at least drink water ,whey protein, try to juice my kale ,carrot ,ginger 2 -3 x week …i wish i would have known what i was taking when i was flat on back like now ,i would have stayed on floor


  35. Hi all. Not sure if anyone will reply but thinking writing will help regardless. Where to begin? I was abusing / addicted to oxycodone in my early 20’s (not prescribed) and got to that point of being sick and tired and went cold turkey. Not easy but I think my age was a factor and it gets harder on our bodies as we age. I went to meetings and was in recovery for the next 13 years. Then I had a drink and before I knew it I was back on pills. That first drink was in 2002. So much guilt and shame about the relapse. I’ve been on oxycontin 60mg 3x day for the past 4 years as well as oxycodone 15mg ir 6 or more pills a day as well. I haven’t taken any oxycontin since last Sunday (it’s Saturday today and have been weaning myself off the 15mg pills just to keep the withdrawal under control which is a joke because I’m not feeling good. I have maybe 20 pills left and am going to continue tapering. I’ve started cutting them in half and only taking 7.5mg each dose. I know i will have to jump off / run out and I have a lot of anxiety about that. I was prescribed suboxone and the Dr said take 4mg when I’m in moderate withdrawal and then wait 2 hours to take another 4mg. Based on what I’ve read I believe that dose is too high and I’m thinking I should start with 1mg and then wait 2 hours and increase by .05mg increments until stable. I’m not even sure if I want to start sub and am scared to create another monster unless I can do a quick taper to get me through. I’m wondering if since I have tapered down the oxy pretty low if that will reduce the likelihood of precipitated withdrawal if I do induct on the sub. I’m so afraid of P/W but am thinking my lowered dose of oxy will help. Just not sure how long to wait before taking sub and afraid of jumping off the oxy and having to feel the w/d while I wait to induce. Thank you for any input 🙂

  36. Hi. I’m on day 10 of no opioids. I’ve tried quitting for years with not much success. Like some people I started out trying out of curiosity and liked how I felt. My addiction started slowly. I knew I had substance abuse issues but never thought I’d be an addict. There’s things I’ve done too get it that I feel awful for, lying cheating and stealing. For years I woke up and took pills like it was breakfast. I don’t think what I took is important as too what it did too me and the people around me. I was with a guy for almost 7 years and have 2 kids with, my relationship finally hit the fan a little over a year ago. I was devestated. But I get people can only take so much and he’s looking out for our kids. I’ve spent over $50,000 on pills in the last 8 years I’ll never get back. I’ve overdosed 3 times. And lost custody of my kids 6 months ago. Also devestating. I lived on my own and the rent was too high along with my addiction was just too much and am dealing with my first eviction and had to move 2 states from kids to live with my dad. So this past year has been tough. Anywayze, I’ve made it 10 days so far without it and its more psychological right now than physical. Yes I got dope sick. First fee days are hell I could barely be awake for 2-3hrs before crashing out. Then it reverses and even though my energy level sucks I can’t sleep. For anyone just detoxong the first 5 days r tough. But it does slowly subside. I took xanax also and quit and I would have these panic episodes so bad that I’d cry at my old job for making the bed. BUT its been a few weeks AND the intensity is slowly going away. The mornings are the worst still I wake up and my stomach is in knots and I feel like my heart wants too pop out of my chest but as the day goes on the feeling does go away. Distraction really does help! Like I don’t wanna do anything cuz of the anxiety and nothing seems to make me happy. But I have made myself go to the store or hang out with people. Its hard as hell to do it but it helps take your mind off of it. Also u have to be careful when having a physical craving. Don’t give in it will pass. It could last minutes hours or days but it goes away. I tell myself u have to experience this too get used too it too find a way too cope with it. Watch your thoughts you have too not let any thoughts of using enter it. Remember feeling sad is normal. Stay away from anyone that can get u pills. I heard this Dr say u have too create a life that makes using easier too deal with. Stopping is not enough. Try to not have a lot of stress in your life if possible especially the first few weeks take it easy if possible. Focus on today and how you need to recover. Dwelling well doesn’t help. I don’t wish addiction on anyone and hope we can all say we did this.

  37. Marshall willis

    March 9, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    I’ve been taking prescribed Fentanyl for about 5 months…..50mcgX48hrs and before that other opiates for approx 2 years. I have to stop I feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare. My plan is to stop the fentanyl ct and detox with the methadone my Dr just switched me over to. I’ve read different opinions on this but I was hoping someone on here may have tried this at some point. I’d like to take the methadone for 5-7 days and stop, i know i will still have to deal with PAWS, insomnia, rls, etc but Im hoping to miss the extreme misery. Once I stop the methadone I will go into a high protein diet, vitamins, and daily visits to the gym. I’m 38 years old I’m an executive, I have a family so a cold turkey stop and weeks of withdrawal aren’t an option right now. Any opinion or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Hi there! I could really relate to what you wrote about detox. I need your help/advice. I have been on oxycodones 10mgs for about 7 months or maybe a little less for back pain prescribed by my doctor I am so ready to get off of them because they do not even help with my pain and now k need them to function and with two little boys is very hard and terrifying. But I have 3 subutex and wanted to know if you could tell me how to taper off with those with little withdrawal so I can get back to being my self and 100% clean. Can you help me? I would really appreciate it 🙂

  39. My best friend’s son has gone to numerous detox’ places and detoxes at home continuously … My question is for everyone… How come no one on this message board ever mentions rehab ,only five day detox? Isn’t a 90 day rehab the best way to go? She can’t get him to go to rehab so he just keeps going back on the drugs.

  40. guinevere

    March 17, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    Lindsay, check out this page. This is NOT medical advice—please visit a physician for that. This is the well articulated experience of one recovering person.

    For more about buprenorphine, see this page.

  41. Yes my name is Darla and “I Want A Better Life”. I’d rather land the 747 down very smoothly though. I’ve been on Oxycodone 10’s (5) daily now for a year and half. Saw my neurosurgeon this past Wednesday and he thinks I’m a great candidate for the Spinal Cord Stimulator which should help me more so than low back fusions because of having Sciatica Pain too. I’m so over this. When I try tapering off my body goes into total shock withdrawals and pain meds are slowly killing me. I’m 60 years old so I don’t think I’ll be as active as you but I still can ride my bike, walk and hopefully with this new procedure I’ll be 70% pain free. But, I’m concerned of how they’re gonna get me off these pain meds without having incruciating withdrawals. Should I discuss subutexe with my Dr afterwards or discuss before I have the procedure done.

  42. I just wanted to leave my experience hoping it helps – I’m a 32 year old guy now. I had kidney stones in 2008 which put me in the ER 4 times, plus on ocycodone for a few months under doctor’s orders. Realizing I liked the effects, plus I knew a guy at work who could get additional pills to supplement my scripts so I could throw the doctors off the scent, I was unknowingly building my addiction. I thought the effects were fun- it felt interesting. Plus, my work wasn’t suffering, I was still going to the gym, I still ate well… and maybe it was because I maintained those things that made me think I didn’t suffer from addiction because I wasn’t laying in a gutter somewhere. We all have ideas of what we think addicts look like – and that could certainly never be me!

    I kicked the kidney stones, but not the habit. To anyone who saw me on the surface, everything seemed normal, but there were a few things that weren’t. For one, I was irritable constantly. I would have mood swings that depended almost entirely on whether or not I got my fix. And that fix was inconsistent- ran out of my actual prescription, dealer couldn’t come through, etc. My feelings of the day were hinged upon the effects of something I got from a guy we called Big T. (Right. It’s every bit as stupid as it sounds.) Secondly, I had become more isolated over time. Suddenly, the guy who was the life of the party doesn’t want to go to go out or do anything. He wants to stay in and “watch a movie”, ie: take 2 freshly bought 20mg oxy and wash it down with a glass of red wine. Thirdly, over the course of about a year, I dwindled my savings of around 10k feeding the addiction. (Probably not spent strictly on drugs, but when you have a drug habit that’s as expensive as opioids, I was supplementing car payments, clothes, other bills with my savings money. )

    I woke up one morning and decided this isn’t any way to live. I had to own what I had done to myself and my money, and knew there would be some shame involved in this whole process. So I started researching how to get off the pills- and as with this blog, everyone has their way of going about it. And for some, they know the pain of this all too well as they’ve been in my situation multiple times. I had to start with coming clean with my parents and brother. (Who had no clue, and I was living with all of them at the time.) But aside from my ego, I had to get actual medical help because the type of withdraw I would go through would have been unsafe, in my opinion.

    I went on suboxone and subutex. When I contacted a doctor that can prescribe it, which you can find online in your area by googling, he saw me right away. Beware those trying to use insurance to pay for this – I had a rock star insurance plan with the company I worked for, and it was private pay all the way. $80 every time to see the doc, and about $35 for the script that lasts longer and longer as you draw every dose out to ween yourself off it. These drugs are miracles for sure! But they aren’t without their drawbacks- in much the same way that the withdraw of oxycontin affect your mood and physical well being, you feel the same fatigue and malaise when you miss your dose of suboxone. Think of suboxone as a bandaid- it patches the hole in your brain where the opiates used to be. It’s a bandaid that I used for 2 years! I had become so comfortable on it that at one point, I wondered if there was a point of getting off it. After all, it kept me from using as suboxone blocks opiates from working. Plus I was so comfortable on it. After 2 years of having to pee in front of a mirror to get my prescription from some quack doctor in his shithole private practice, he actually cut me off. He told me that my urine test has come back dirty and he won’t be writing me any more scripts. I was mortified – there was no chance that was true. It didn’t occur to me until later that these doctors can only serve so many active scripts of these drugs at once, and simply put, I wasn’t a frequent enough customer to stay on his roster. I only needed to see him once every 4 months at that point. So unwillingly, I was cold turkey cut off from suboxone. It was a rough 3-4 days, but that was it- and it didn’t kill me. And it won’t kill you.

    I’m sharing this story as I hope it helps as other stories have helped me with addiction recovery. If you are reading this and are hooked, life not dependent is better than life dependent. You’re on this page because you’re interested in quitting. So do it! Change your life. Don’t be scared- there will be some unpleasantness. Unfortunately, you have to pay the withdraw toll at some point. The trick is to mitigate the damage as much as possible, which suboxone will help you do. Best of luck!

  43. I’m in the middle of a divorce and have had my wife use my pain meds in court after going to my doctor and asking to have my dose uped for the reason that I would be in pain as I sleep and it would wake her so the judge has become a doctor from his dealings and the fact that I take 260 mg and 8 10/325mg a day and that she said I was unable to tend to the kids and the only time since I’ve been put on the meds has been when I ran out and going threw detox. So in my battle I’m trying to get my kids and will try anything to do this as I have several problems with knees back and a headache from hell most of my life I’ve had 4 surgerys with in a year and a half so I’m tapering but am scared of the withdraws I’ve been dope sick even though I’m under a doctor and have thrown up so bad that I have a highadele hurneya and the craps so bad that is my worst fear of getting off and not sure of the pain I’ve tried some ways to release the pain but it puts me down at some times but I’m still trying thanks and good luck to all that tri!

  44. Hey gmindyg1 I just ready you’re story and have the same issues. Mine started with chiari malformation so they went in the back of my head to give more space. Weeks later. Many surgeries later, I ended up with psueotumor cerebi with a vp shunt in my head. This was only 3 years so at the age of 25. I am a wife and have 2 kiddos. I was also put in oxycontin. Of course it has to be raised more and more to help with the pain. I only took it as prescribed. But I started hating myself. Hating that I couldn’t get out of bed to take care of my babies. I am going off cold turkey. The first day was the worse. I kept taking meds to try to sleep it off. I’m now on day 3 and a lot of My pain I had been having is magically gone so I do know that it does create more and more pain. It’s a vicious cycle. My only problem now is that I feel ok when I lay in bed but when I stand up I feel like I could pass out. I am very hydrated. Is this normal? How long should this bedrest last?

  45. Anyone doing cold turkey off oxyxontin and oxycodone and after day 3 having trouble standing? Blood rushes to my head and I have to lay back down. When will this be over?

  46. Hey guys I’ve been snorting oxycodone for 21 days now at about 90-120 a day. I just finished today at 60mg and I don’t know what to expect on if any withdraws I will have. I’ve been drinking lots of water to flush it out and took some 5ftp along with niacin for my nerves. I took a 2 mile walk and I also have been drinking lots of lemon and raw honey warm water all day. I have to work and I’m a little concerned if I’m going to be able to work given what I have been taking to get high. Please help with any advice on this. Thank you in advance

  47. I just had surgery 6 discs fused before that for over 5 yrs I have been on 15mg morphine every 4hrs now that the surgery has taken most if my pain away I want to get off the meds with out getting sick does anyone have any suggestions?

  48. Can someone let me know how hard it is to self detox off of 15mg of morphine every 4 hrs for over 5 yrs and the best way to do it without getting too sick?

  49. I would say always have very supportive people, people who are uplifting and a house where the bathroom is available all the time…its not going to be easy, but what in life is, i don’t recommend doing it around the children as you’ll be irritable and this is likely different for everyone,1 yr ago I tapered from 30mg ox/6 daily to 10mg oxy 6 times a day and i was sick for two weeks…..throwing up and the whole nine yards…..supportive people are a must, or alone….any negative will add to the irritation. Also you may experience illusions as i did, I hope you to one day see where my pain level truly is and then fix it or exercise and gain strength, pills are a way to mask something the body is telling you is wrong, when in pain your brain says this is wrong, if you’re masking pain you may miss a diagnoses for something more severe, I wish in my late 20s no one would have prescribed such a drug, i knew no better, didn’t grow up in that life, to this day i wish i would have worked through my pain with surgery, and mental growth, if anyone needs assistance in support I’m here, even to lend a supportive message…, I know a Dr knows best, and my advice is purely my opinion, but there are people that need them to function thats why i don’t judge, and never will. I am forever a giver and will help anyone in need….much love, and faith to you all and myself in our situations…xoChy

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