Ken Oye

Dr. Kenneth Oye, MIT prof of political science and engineering.

Listen to Dr. Kenneth A. Oye, a professor of engineering and political science at M.I.T., saying this in the New York Times this morning:

Hydrocodone doesn’t give you the high that other compounds do.

I agree. It gives you a MORE AWESOME high! Like/share this link if you agree.

I’d like to send Oye some of the mail I’ve received over the years from folks whose genetic predisposition was turned on by hydro and who have spent tens of thousands of dollars buying Vikes through the internet and on the street.

Now Stanford scientists are homebrewing hydro. Hydro Pale Ale! Hydro lager, Hydro stout, Hydro ESB. So eventually we won’t need to buy bricks from the poor Afghan farmers!! In the name of American technological innovation and self-reliance.

I’d like to see Stanford, MIT, and other schools spend the money on researching effective treatment standards and educating medical students about how to recognize and treat this illness.

The Stanford High-Tech Homebrew Team.

The Stanford High-Tech Homebrew Team.