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Jonathan Rhys Meyers to rehab again

Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers hitting bottom? Star of The Tudors, Meyers, 32, has signed on for his fourth stint in rehab (this time in London) after having been prohibited from boarding a United Airlines flight at JFK Airport in New York when staff noticed he was pounding drinks in the first-class lounge.

Meyers became enraged and physically belligerent, and used an incendiary racial epithet, resulting in his being banned from all United Airlines flights.

Last summer he was arrested at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris when he threatened to kill bar staff in the first-class lounge, who shut him off after noticing that he’d been pounding drinks while waiting for his flight. He was charged with “willful violence, outrage, hitting and threatening death.”

Good for him for trying again. Hope Meyers gets the help he needs. I’ve long wondered what it takes for us to get sober. My friend Tom says it might always remain a mystery… Lots of people say, “I was done.” The way I think of it is, “I just couldn’t do it anymore.” What did it take for you? How many times?


  1. He has a lot of talent. I hope that he gets it. My wife white-knuckled her way to being sober–no rehab but right into AA. And she hasn’t had a drink since she started. I am really proud of her for doing that.

  2. He is the most talented actor of our time-he’s got an amazingly fascinating and outstandingly moving very own way of acting. And he fell down over and over bt got right back up again. I think he’s definitely got the courage and strength to make it though though that kinda extraordinaryly talented artists tend to have a certainly addictive personality. I had ma problems with addiction,too,and well-it’s a daily choice to be sober and it’s surely an everyday’s fight once you’ve been addicted. But all aparently Jon’s got a fighter heart,that said I’m convinced he’ll make it. And obviously he’s doing great since this last rehab so I really wish him to stay as strong as he’s been so far.

  3. guinevere

    April 20, 2011 at 9:25 am

    I agree–he’s extremely talented. Good to hear he’s doing better since last year.

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