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The Recovering Body.

“The Recovering Body melds real-life experience, practical advice, and state-of-the-art science to help readers understand what addiction does  to our bodies and how we can recover ourselves—body,  mind, and spirit.”
—Katherine Ketcham, coauthor with William Cope Moyers of Broken,
and with Ernest Kurtz of The Spirituality of Imperfection

“So much more than a self-help book. Personal, luminous in its depth of understanding of the human condition, this is a book that would benefit anyone who struggles with self-image. This is a book for all people who choose light above darkness.”
—Kaylie Jones, author of Lies My Mother Never Told Me

“With warmth and intelligence, Matesa suggests that healing the body from physical addiction is not separate from spiritual healing. Through fascinating stories from the field and using her experience as an educator and journalist who overcame her own addiction, she explains how to pave the road home to yourself. A blueprint for healing, body and soul.”
—Susan Piver, author of The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

Release date :: October 14, 2014 Hazelden Publishing

If you detoxed recently (or even not-so-recently) and wonder when you’re gonna start to feel better, this book is for you.

When I was inside my addiction, I beat my body to hell. I didn’t get the chance to go inpatient, but I understand that treatment centers—and I know that recovery programs—generally ignore the state of the body. In my first few months in meetings, I was basically told, “Pray, and don’t pick up.” So I went through the steps twice, with two different guides, and I spent a lot of time by myself, feeling sick. And I picked up.

Then I did something different. I took care of my body.

This is my third nonfiction book, and the only book out there about recovery and the body. I report on five simple practices:

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Sexuality
  • Meditation

I talked to a number of doctors, researchers and other experts, but mostly this book is sourced locally—like the freshest, most healthful and delicious food. The point being that if I could find local sources to talk about these ways of recovering the body from the ravages of addiction, you can too.

There’s a lot of shared wisdom in this book, and I promise it ain’t gonna cost you an arm and a leg. The people I talked with didn’t need a gym membership, a line of pricey supplements, or a trust fund to recover my body, and neither do you.

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  1. Hi,
    Looking for feedback/reviews of a new book coming out Dec 7th. “Dear Friend” by Sandy Beach – a weekly meditation & journal. As you may know Sandy was a much sought after AA speaker with hundreds of audio recordings available. He is best know for his “Drop the Rock” talk. This book contains his only publishing writings. Sandy passed away Sept 28, 2014 at 83. Dec 7th would be his 50th anniversary. You can learn more at the book will be available on Amazon starting Dec. 7th. I will be sending out review copies next week. To receive a copy please send your mailing address or email address to receive a PDF copy.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

  2. Comedian and social critic in recovery 34 years

  3. Hello ,, I am in Recovery , I am Really Struggling with Emotions and Sickness , I Am in the Process of Withdrawal from Subutex , I also have been in Tolerance to Klonopin , I am trying my best to come off these Substances , I am Suffering Badly ..

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