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Recovery 2.0: Talking with Tommy Rosen.

tommy-rosen-headshotTommy Rosen is a brother from another mother. Last fall, in the same week, he and I published the first books extant on physical recovery from addiction. Tommy’s book is named RECOVERY 2.0, after the name of his big annual online conference. He has  quarter-century in recovery, and he writes and teaches widely about using yoga and nutrition to, as he says, #MoveBeyond addiction.

I loved talking with Tommy about recovery. He has a native understanding of the body’s innate capacity to heal, which was my first higher power back in 1999.

My talk with him airs today. Please check it out! You can access it for free till February 12. After that you can pay to have all three dozen or so talks put in your own “recovery library.”

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  1. Loved your talk with Tommy. I am mother, wife, in recovery10 years thanks to my Yoga practice, now I teach Y12SR (a la Nikki Myers). Am ordering your book and recommending you to friends, students and colleagues.

    Keep rocking the world Guinevere!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your segment on Recovery 2.0. Look forward to exploring your site, and book.

  3. Guinevere,

    I continue to devour your writing, follow your recommendations and to admire your journey. If you ever have time to spend a few minutes together I would love it. I am not as far along in recovery as you are, and would like to continue to learn from you. Laura

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