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Getting Sober On Vacation In A Spot With No Meetings

Been getting a lot of mail lately. Today I received this email from an American who is overseas in a rural area where she says she can’t get to any meetings. Here is what she says:

Hi Guinevere,

I’m reaching out to anyone right now. For the next month I’m working in Europe in a little town of 5,000, no meetings around. I would have been sober seven years in March but I started drinking in January, when I was working at a high-level political meeting, at which everyone was a glamorous, seemingly functional alcoholic. Since then I’ve gained almost 20 pounds (I was a daily runner), and am screwed out here. I don’t know how to put it down. Stay away from triggers… my trigger is noon! Any advice, words of comfort, wisdom, what to do, how to get it back?

So I called a good friend of mine who just had 19 years on Monday. Here are some options we came up with together:

  1. Are there really NO meetings? you might check with your program’s local information service in Austria or the world service office to make sure. One of my good friends in sobriety stopped drinking/using by driving two hours one way to the meeting at which she got sober.
  2. Have you checked with the local hospital, which might know of resources to help alcoholics/addicts?
  3. Have you checked other recovery programs?—when I’m out of town sometimes I’ll go to a different program if I can’t get to the one I like best.
  4. Have you reached out to your people from your sober life at home? what about your sponsor, your “we,” trusted friends and spiritual mentors. 
  5. Do you have program literature with you? If not, there’s a lot available online.
  6. Have you tried In The Rooms or the various online social networks that help alcoholics/addicts? In The Rooms has daily chat meetings and video meetings via Skype.
  7. Finally, have you tried to get in contact with whatever higher power you were in contact with while sober? If it helps, feel free to write me about how your higher power has helped you in the past.

Does anyone else out there have anything to suggest to our new friend? Please carry the message, dudes.

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  1. to answer your questions:
    1)Yes, there really are no meetings, Virgina.
    2)Yes, I just pai 6 euro for a few ibuborofen, whichi you can get only thru a doc. there isn’t a stoplight here. Can I be a more emphatic about the boonies I’m in?
    3)5000 people here. No support groups. I have been around the world, finding meetings. There are none to be had. Please trust me on this one.
    4)Yes. I have. One of my Fb ‘friends’ said why are all these freak show freaks finding me. AA as I know it. Pretense and judgement.
    5) Yes, as I told you, I have a grapevine, BB and 12&12 on my kindle. Since 1987 these have done me a lot of good.
    6) Have you tried to negotiate an onine meeting/hookup? Krazy, sister!
    7) God is here. He just stepped out for some coffee. Surely he’ll be back anyday.

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