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Sober life: Step 12 and helping others

Sometimes I don’t think I have anything to offer others. One of my shortcomings is a belief that I can’t really help others, that all my efforts are for nought. I wrote the following down in a meeting recently… it was spoken by a mid-40s woman with 20-some years sober:

If you can stay sober for ten minutes, you can tell someone how to stay sober for ten minutes. If you can stay sober for a day, you can tell someone how to stay sober for a day.

staying sober starts with baby steps“Helping others” in recovery might start with small steps… Just like helping ourselves often starts with small steps…


  1. I met a woman yesterday at a business conference and she told me that I had changed her life four years ago. Really? What did I do. I called you for help with my 17 year old son who was addicted to marijuana and prescription drugs. When I hesitated to take my son to a rehab because I didn’t think I could “force” him to go you said, “Do you think the police will arrest you?” I then said that he would physically fight me and I can’t put him in the car. You said, “Do you have any large male friends and family? and when I responded yes, you said “Call them right now and they will place your son in the car.” You then said to start replacing my “I can’t” statements with “I won’t” and that really open my eyes. I did what you said and it was a tough ordeal but he made it to the rehab, completed the program and is clean today.

    We never know all the good that we do but every now and then we are reminded that our efforts are worthwhile.

  2. hi g,

    i LOVE this post. it proves that every minute of our day is important. even when we think otherwise. sometimes it may just be a warm smile or kind word that can have an impact on someone’s life. we never know. thank you for sharing this.


  3. I like that every hour in every day is important. One never knows how what we say or do will affect another. It is a program of attraction not promotion.

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