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Recovery news, reviews and stories, by Jennifer Matesa.

About G.

This site is for people who think they might have “a problem” with drugs, including alcohol and nicotine, and where you can come for current news and research about addiction and recovery, as well as reviews of books and media about addiction, recovery, and practices that support recovery. And great stories, too.

My name is Jennifer Matesa, and I’m the author of four nonfiction books about body, mind, and human wellbeing, including  Sex in Recovery: A Meeting Between the Covers (October 2016) and  The Recovering Body: Physical and Spiritual Fitness for Living Clean and Sober (2014), both from Hazelden Publishing. I speak and write widely, and I teach writing at the University of Pittsburgh.

I detoxed from fentanyl in 2008, had a brief relapse, and have been sober since January 3, 2010.Guinevere” was one of the first blogs of its kind—a site dedicated not just to recounting the drunkalog or being the oracle of inspiration to stay sober, but also to giving the public reliable information about addiction, recovery, treatment, public policy, and other complex issues, without advertising or fees. My commitment to removing the stigma from addiction and recovery earned me a fellowship at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Disclaimer—Guinevere Gets Sober is not a place where anyone can expect or get medical advice. Please see a physician or other qualified medical practitioner if you want medical advice. …  I write from the attitude of “beginner’s mind—in which my experience of recovery is still fresh and I’m on a learning curve—and I’m very glad to be alive.


  1. Wow G! I love your site!
    Thanks for your efforts to help keep this growing epidemic out of the darkness and to help others feel that they’re not alone in this.

  2. I am delighted in you choice of the Guinevere allusion. There was a Guin in my life and her addiction was medically prescribed pain pills in the beginning but I do not know where she ended because she politely asked me to leave her life. She ended her existence by her own hands. I understood this when I learned of her demise 2 years later because I had come to the edge twice myself while we were apart. A common friend of ours said we had only lust between each other but I knew there was something more. The day my Guin put a bullet into her head, I was 80 feet in the air on already high ground near Chapel Hill, N.C. I felt like my lunch became a bowling ball in my stomach and had to pause dangerous work for about 15 minutes. No one knew exactly what time Guin died but it was daylight at least in Florida where we were from.

    Her name was Dawn and she was proud of her English-Irish ancestry and would “Riverdance” around me to tease. I’ve lately gotten over the idea that I could have “saved” her. I was in an alcohol addiction myself. I realized that my lack of spirituality was a major contribution to my addiction. An AA meeting in the “nut house” I was in triggered an ever expanding growth in me of an understanding of my higher power God. I’ve since become very religious also, but with ecumenism in mind. I attend many many different churches over time. I tell members that religion is my “hobby” and it does not belong in our meetings. However, afterwards I am open and inviting but I do not “throw my pearls to swine” or rather the uninterested or disingenuous.

    I will enjoy this blog.

  3. great blogging and a great service to many! glad I learned about it today from running into an acquaintance 🙂

  4. The best direction my first sponsor ever gave me was to pray for ignorance. I can be too smart for my own good. A person can’t think their’ way to recovery. A person has to take action. What are the actions? The 12 steps, the 12 traditions. They’ve worked for me for a long time now.

  5. Guinevere — you have a lot to offer so many of us. Thanks for your candor and insight. Laura

  6. This is such a worthwhile endeavor, and I wish you and those connected through this blog success in your recovery.

  7. Thanks for all that you do!

  8. I would really love to blog with someone that can help me “refresh ” my sobriety. I live in Costa Rica and I don’t have a sponsor right now. I will be 20 years clean on July 6ht.



  10. Greetings from Canada.

    I was very interested in your post on baclofen and was wondering if you have access to the results of the study started in 2011 ?

    Thank you!


  11. I appreciate your site Guenevere, and your insights. I just followed and liked to keep in better touch. I’m a sober man, and I write at I’ve added you to the blog roll there so your new posts appear. I’m hoping to stay in touch, share the musings and the message! Best wishes…

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