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Recovery, Step 11: The G-Force and Just Being.

Foxgloves in bloom in G's garden. Standing upright with the help of G-force.

Today in meditation I noticed that my body holds itself in a state of habitual tension, as though it were ready to spring, or as though it were hanging on.

Springing—at what? Not at, but away from. Away from what? Danger. Anger—my own and others’. Fear—of failure, of success, of losing what I have or not getting what I want.

Hanging onto what?—the earth, the world, my place, the small footprint I’ve earned on our planet.

Do you do hold your body in tension? Scan your body right now, and notice where the tension may be.

I took a long in-breath, and as I exhaled I asked my body to let go of whatever it might be holding onto.

As I felt the tendons in my hips and shoulders soften, suddenly I could feel gravity again. The G-force. One of my higher powers. Think about it: gravity does a lot of work for us that we don’t need to pay attention to. It does stuff we can’t do for ourselves.

By holding my body constantly tensed (in a position of fear), I’m fighting gravity. I’m fighting a power greater than myself.

By permitting my body to soften into the G-force, I allow myself to Just Be.

Are you able to Just Be? If so, let me know how.


  1. Been meditating since a management retreat in 1985 proved beyond any doubt that I needed it. My life would have been a lot different before I had that course from Bill Nelson. It was a real turning point and I will be forever grateful. Hope he’s still out there – he only had 10 years on me, but his yogat and TM belied that.

  2. Interesting that the corporate world brought you your meditation practice. How have you sustained it through the years?—many people give up.

  3. I like to think that gravity is the friend of many but definitely not of the elderly. It gets us all in the end, no matter how hard we try to tone up and defy time.

  4. Scanning through some of your recent posts brought me to this one. My jaw dropped (gravity at work, eh?). This afternoon I had a session with my Feldenkreis therapist. All the work we did was around my inclination to hold my body in tension. This is creating some very uncomfortable sensations and symptoms. Time to let go. Not easy or quick, but this post gave me a great name for a higher power that will help me – G force! Thanks G.

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