Waiting for the CDC to get back to me about the study released yesterday about the social costs of alcohol abuse. My Dutch friend P spotted it too. The link she sent me was in Dutch, and so was the headline:

“Bijna 80.000 alcoholdoden in VS per jaar”

That means “Almost 80,000 dead from alcohol in U.S. per year.” Another holy-shit fact buried in the study: an estimated 550,761,000 (550.7 MILLION) gallons of ethanol in the form of 7.5 BILLION total gallons of beer, wine, and hard booze were consumed in the U.S. in 2006.

While waiting for sources, made this discovery: awesome website about feelings.

Via a link from the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard, whose project is “trying to figure out the future of news.”

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We Feel Fine: photos and blog-quotations from people all over the world, expressing real feelings in real time.

Made me want to listen to this song. Hadn’t remembered Glenn Frey was so hot.

(Scorpio like me. And my husband. And my cousin Danny, who looked just like Glenn Frey and who helped me get sober. More about Danny later.)

Searched “We Feel Fine” for the feeling “sober.” Check it out. To make your day, some screencaps:

We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine